NG911 and The Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP): Working Together to Improve Emergency Response

Posted in All, NGA911 on Sep 28, 2023

When an emergency occurs, responding to the situation quickly and handling it efficiently is crucial. One essential component of emergency response is the PSAP receiving, processing, and dispatching emergency response. 

Fast and effective responses can save more lives, help prevent injuries, and minimize property damage. The public safety industry continually innovates and improves its response systems to achieve this. One such innovation is NG9-1-1, the next generation of 9-1-1 systems. 

In this blog from NGA, we'll discuss NG911 and how the PSAPs work together to improve emergency response.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is NG911?
  2. What is The PSAP?
  3. Understanding How NG911 and PSAPs Work Together
  4. The Benefits of The Next Generation 911 and PSAP Partnership
  5. Improved First Responder Safety 
  6. Conclusion 

What is NG911?

Next Generation 911 (NG911) is an upgrade to the traditional 911 system. This emergency telecommunications system was designed for PSAP and their personnel to receive valuable information regarding emergencies through multimedia communication beyond voice-only. 

NG911 uses Internet Protocol (IP) networks to enable voice, video, photos, text (TTY), and real-time text (RTT) messages to be sent to 911 call centers. This upgrade provides the PSAP with more information to quickly and accurately assess the situation and dispatch the right resources.

What is a PSAP?

The public safety answering point, or PSAP, is the first point of contact for anyone in distress. These PSAPs are where emergency calls are answered and dispatch to emergency services are made. 

The PSAP is a critical component of public safety; therefore, its upgrade to NG911. As such, PSAPs and their personnel must be tailored to handle the increased volume and diversity of communication that Next Generation 911 provides.

With NG911 technology, PSAP call-takers have access to live data from multiple sources. This means that these call-takers will make better-informed decisions about how to dispatch emergency resources. It also means call-takers can communicate critical information to first responders in real time.

Understanding How NG911 and PSAPs Work Together

The Next Generation 911 system allows for a broader range of information to be communicated between the caller and the PSAP. A caller could send a video of a crime in progress to the PSAP, and these responders can understand the situation better and dispatch the appropriate response. 

Additionally, NG911 can help the PSAP better track and manage emergency responses. For example, if multiple calls regarding the same incident occur, the PSAP can consolidate that information and better coordinate response efforts.

The Benefits of The Next Generation 911 and PSAP Partnership

The partnership between NG911 and PSAPs holds endless advantages for revolutionizing public safety. Next Generation 911 technologies significantly enhance 911 systems, while PSAPs serve as the first line of defense against potential emergencies. 

The NG911 and PSAP partnership can better equip all emergency responders to deliver swift and efficient resolutions to potentially life-threatening situations. 

For example:

Enhanced interoperability enables the integration of streamlined public safety across different jurisdictions, providing a more cohesive emergency response system. This means that if someone calls 9-1-1 from another state or city, their call and location data can be transferred to the appropriate agency. 

Multimedia sharing allows for comprehensive communication between first responders, emergency services, and citizens, which in turn helps reduce response times. 

More accessible emergency response can mean all the difference for those with speech, hearing, or physical disabilities. Sending live photos, videos, text (TTY), and real-time text (RTT). RTT means call-takers see in real -ime character-by-character communication helps tremendously in keeping people safe during situations in which voice calling is not an option. 

Improved First Responder Safety 

In addition to improving public safety, the safety and welfare of first responders are just as vital for improved emergency response. Next Generation 911 will improve first responder safety by providing real-time data and tracking features, which is essential for situational awareness. 

PSAPs will know where the callers are, and information about the nature of the emergency will help responders prepare accordingly. In some cases, instead of the current manual incident tracking method, responders will use GPS-enabled systems that automatically track their actions and response activities.

This data can be useful in identifying patterns and trends and providing training for better effectiveness.


NG911 and the PSAP are working together to revolutionize how emergency responders communicate among themselves and with the public. This vital partnership enables call centers to provide faster response times and more resilient communications, resulting in improved emergency response overall. 

Next Generation 911 brings together many benefits that improve public and responder safety and provide the necessary technological advancements to the public safety industry. With this, emergency response has been elevated to a new level. 

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