Connect OPS to PSAPs Seamlessly and Quickly with NEXiSCore

Stay on top of the ever-changing and demanding world of emergency communications.

The NEXiSCore network connects originatining service providers (OPS) with public safety answering points (PSAPs). The seamless connection between ESInet and PSAPs allows to respond more quickly.

NEXiSCore, a rich user experience that provides an on-screen command of both landline and wireless 911 calls in a variety of telephony environments, will empower your call takers and future-proof you PSAP. It provides both scalability and customization in an integrated, i3-compliant environment for your call-takers.

Product Details

NEXiSCore is a market-leading configuration with modularity and scalability and has been implemented at the state, regional, and county levels. With NEXiSCore, legacy select-router-based 911 networks can be transitioned to a replacement solution Talk to an expert..

NGA’s NENA i3-aligned solution provides end-to-end IP call-routing, IP call-conversion, and location-based routing to PSAPs. It also allows PSAPs to receive multimedia messages, text, video, and voice calls when the technology and time are right for each PSAP. Message Sessions Relay Protocol (MSRP) enables IP connectivity for text and other media types. Talk to an expert..

With NEXiSCore, you'll get an incredibly reliable and resilient system. A redundant architecture ensures high availability even in the event of a catastrophic event by providing load balancing and fail over capabilities. As a result of our locally and geographically redundant resign, we provide seamless transitions in call processing when necessary, regardless of location or platform. As a result, emergency calls will continue to be processed smoothly regardless of the situation. Talk to an expert..

NextGen Trunks from NGA deliver the highest level of redundancy, resiliency, and availability in emergency telecommunications, en- suring accuracy and high-performance transmission of voice, text, and video. In real-time, NGS's NextGen Trunks can be bonded, aggregated, segmented, prioritized, secured, routed, and offloaded dynamically Talk to an expert..