Delivering Next-Generation Public Safety Solutions

Our Mission

At NGA, we are on a mission to provide unmatched peace of mind, and equal access for everyone through our cutting-edge, cloud-based telecommunications solution. With the highest level of redundancy and resiliency, we ensure accurate, high-performance transmission of voice, text, and video during emergencies, prioritizing the needs of call-takers and PSAPs. Together, we forge unbreakable connections, empowering communities and saving lives when it matters most.

Value Statements

At NGA, our core values revolve around putting 911 professionals at the forefront. Our focus is on delivering solutions that genuinely add value to the end users' experience. We believe that every individual at NGA plays an integral role in fulfilling our mission and upholding our commitment to making a positive impact on emergency telecommunications.

What makes NGA different?

NGA's solutions enable real-time communication, reducing response times and improved outcomes in emergency situations.

Our cloud-native infrastructure ensures scalability, flexibility, and robust redundancy, offering a modern and adaptable approach to public safety communications.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for public safety, from analytics to messaging and connectivity, providing a one-stop shop for your agencies' needs.

Positive Impact! NGA is committed to making a positive impact on emergency telecommunications, aligning its values with the needs of the customers and communities it serves.

Customization that allows organizations to tailor their platform to their specific needs, ensuring it is efficient and relevant.

Delivering cost savings through streamlined operations, efficient resource management, accelerated response times, and a reduction in hardware, to name just a few ways.

Our Team

Uniting Lifesaving Experts for a Safer Tomorrow.

Dedicated to Saving Lives: Our team comprises 9-1-1 industry experts, veteran PSAP administrators, technology insiders, and former first responsders. Through all this experience, NGA focuses on Equal Access for Everyone, frequent clear communication, proper training, affordability, quick implementation, and utilization of all the tools NextGen has to offer. NGA's commitment to saving lives reinforces the sense of purpose at NGA, motivating every team member to contribute their best, knowing that their efforts play a direct role in making a difference.

Executive Leaders

Don Ferguson

Don Ferguson

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Michelle Bland

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Ishka Villa

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Barb Winn

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Mike DeWeese

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Eric Caddy

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