Your ability to effectively serve 9-1-1 callers changes with technology. We can help.

  • Software that routes text, voice, and video between the Originating Service Provide (OSP) and the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) *ESInet, OSP Ingress, NG Trunks

  • Software built and deployed in the cloud for 9-1-1 call-processing using NG911 or traditional trunks, as well as multiple forms of data exchange for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) *Call Handling

  • Software for providing analysis and analytics of data *Routing/Dashboard/Reporting Tool

  • Software that enables SMS, multimedia messaging, over the top or CHS-integrated texting and real-time text to flow between the caller and the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) *Standalone option when not bundled with NEXiSConnect 

From Start to Finish, NGA 911 is Here to Support Your Team.
First, we start with a customer needs analysis that addresses the unique issues and strengths of your agency, including population, available technology in your area, outbound emergency services and more.
From there, we design a system that completely addresses each individual need. No two agencies are ever alike – so no design is truly alike. From there, we completely manage the project from top to bottom, providing custom programming, installation and support.
Portal Capabilities
Our portal abilities are unmatched in the industry. Through a singular communication service provider, we can set up everything, from a user profile, to an entry route, to media route – test calls can be utilized at any time – and we can also create and proliferate an easily accessible call log.
We can also create a PSAP portal for you, which will do all of the above, including shapefile routing and location verification.
From a stakeholder standpoint, our services can be utilized at the state, district, or agency level.
Our Infrastructure Security
Impeccable. We utilize virtual private cloud, private internet connections, scalable DNS, simple servers & virtual machines, block storage and in-depth security, including DDos Protection, firewall and more.
We'll Do the Heavy Lifting for You.
When you work with us, we perform the complete system migration for you. This includes addressing needs of any individual application, to data migration, to your respective database and server changeovers.
Voice, Text and Video
Our technology allows you to receive a landline, wireless or IP voice stream, as well as transmit a dispatcher voice stream to the desired endpoint.
We work with SMS – but take it a step further – including MMS, OTT, and real time text that flows both ways within your desired communication channel.
When you are ready we have video capabilities as well, allowing your operators to both transmit and receive video stream from any endpoint. This technology is CRITICAL when a crisis happens and emotions run high. Responders will be much better prepared to respond to, and deal with, a major event if they have the capability to view the situation as it unfolds.
Incident Management
We’re equipped to uniquely identify every incident, specifying a single point of collection for ALL media types you deal with. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Voice recording
  • Video
  • Photo
  • Document
  • Location
  • Biometric
  • System actions or logs
  • Textual community
Dedicated, On-Call Support
You will find that our Network Operation Center utilizes a 24/7 service desk in case you ever experience any issues. Our uptime sits at 99.999%.
We’ll also give you a 100% dedicated, toll-free support phone number, email and instant message ID for various applications – whichever your team would most prefer to utilize.
Call Center Management
We make features such as smart PBX, PBX connector, call flows, web-hook, voicemail and fax managers available to your call center techs. Our call taking capabilities include voice, text, call transfer and incident management.
What About Location?
Over 90% of emergency calls are made from mobile phones. In the first instance our system sends a call to the right PSAP based on the true location of the (smart phone) caller. This results in reduced transfers, faster response times, and a more positive experience from the caller and the PSAP perspective.
Team Capabilities
For the individual, team, group or community, we offer team tools that will allow easy tracking, maintained SOPs and flow-friendly collaboration.
Data logs
Data is ALWAYS tracked via voice, video, or text – whatever you prefer.
Training? Absolutely.
We would never leave you in the dark – during and after implementation, we get your team started using their new tools and will be available for any support issues that arise.