Revolutionizing 988 Mental Health Crisis Response

NGA's 988 Solution revolutionizes crisis response by harnessing technology, seamless integration, and real-time reporting. We provide the tools, expertise, and support needed to meet SAMHSA requirements, promote inclusivity, and empower your team for impactful care.

Dynamic Caller Intelligence:

  • Customize responses based on caller information
  • Improve counselor effectiveness with personalized insights
  • Enhance the overall quality of support
  • Question Prompts, Assessment, Further Actions and Safety Planning

Technology and Integration:

  • Platform Integration: Seamlessly connect with Gmail, Outlook, and more for quality assurance, operations and contact management
  • Real-Time Reporting: Access vital data instantly, aiding informed decisions without delays
  • SAMHSA Compliance: Easily meet SAMHSA requirements with instant access to necessary reports
  • Leverage our expertise gained from working closely with crisis centers to meet the needs of callers experiencing mental health crises
  • Seamlessly interoperability 988 and 911 for efficient crisis response

Unique Features and Support:

  • Shift Scheduler, Analytics Dashboard, and more set us apart
  • Adapt to remote work, stay competitive, and respond effectively to crises
  • Secure funding for 988 initiatives through various resources
  • Ability to communicate via Voice/Chat/Text for enhanced customer engagement and support

Supervisor Tools and Customization:

  • Monitor, customize, and coach counselors in real-time
  • Custom call-routing, personalize routing and hold experiences to enhance service
  • NGA's 988 Solution streamlines crisis response, equipping your team for impactful care
  • Real-Time Coaching via Listen, Whisper, and Barge enables supervisors to monitor calls, offer guidance, and intervene as necessary for quality assurance and immediate support

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