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“Learn how Logan County and NGA paved the way for West Virginia’s end-to-end NextGen 9-1-1 from carrier to PSAP. Tested, proven, and ready for state-wide ESInet NGCS”. - Ted Sparks

Multi-Region, Active-Active Protects NGCS Availability. The carrier's core infrastructure failed across that state recently, but Logan's call processing did not stop. As a result, in-process calls do not skip a beat. Compared to this performance, legacy "failover" solutions are far less reliable.

Carrier Agnostic, Last Mile Diverse IP Routes Protects PSAP Operations from Failure. As a result of the variety of carriers available across that state, "last mile diversity" is a critical ingredient for NextGen's success at Logan. Contrary to traditional approaches, the architecture ensures 911 availability is never limited to a single carrier. For Logan's implementation, fiber, LTE, and Starlink were used, and Starlink's partnership was crucial.

SIP Integration with Carriers is Fundamental. West Virginia is the first state to offer Verizon Wireless call delivery through an end-to-end SIP integration with Verizon and Tmobile. This capability is available to every county in West Virginia through the NGCS service.

Affordability. State-of-the-art NGCS within your budget. Logan County saved on in-house equipment and removed replacement cycles. NextGen 9-1-1 requires only a couple of routers in the back office.

Flexibility. Each state and county has its own local nuances, so Logan didn't know what NextGen would bring. A very quick turnaround was achieved when Logan discovered gaps in the features they needed for their center. It was certainly essential for success to personalize the system. Instead of buying and adapting their processes, NGA adapted the software to suit their needs.

Transition is essential. As part of NextGen 911, carriers are developing support for the technology. Both Verizon and Tmobile bypass the legacy Selective Routing technology that has historically hindered the adoption of Next Gen 911. As a result, NGCS and CHS must support both NextGen and Legacy calls today. Other carriers are also accelerating their support.

“Dispatchers noticed a remarkable improvement in audio quality on i3 calls. Without an over-the-top solution, NGA's NEXiSConnect (CHS) displays Verizon's location before answering a 9-1-1 call. NGA's active-active, multi-region NGA ESInet eliminates single points of failure in the legacy 9-1-1 network. We look forward to all providers getting connected to our ESInet." - Ted Sparks, Director of Logan County Emergency Operations 911

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