The NG911 Roadmap and The 5 Goals of Connecting Emergency Response Systems Nationwide

Aug 11, 2022

Did you know that many states in America are actively working on implementing NG9-1-1 by following the NG911 Roadmap? While this is excellent news, many communities and...
NG911 Benefits: Why Emergency Call Center Success and Community Safety Depend on Updated 911 Technology - NGA

Jul 25, 2022

According to a ...
NG911 NOW: A Look into the Coalition Dedicated to Accelerating the Deployment Next Generation 911

Jul 14, 2022

Emergency response is evolving. Smart devices and digital technologies allow dispatchers to receive and act on information instantly. If you're a public safety profe...

Migrating to The NG911 System in 5 Steps

Jul 08, 2022

Regarding public safety, the U.S. has made great strides with the adoption and implementation of
NG911 Federal Funding: What You Need to Know

Jun 17, 2022

911 call centers and emergency response organizations are being asked to do more with less these days. As public safety demands evolve with the rapid advancements in co...
NG911 Data Model: Getting GIS Data Ready for Next Generation 911

Jun 09, 2022

NENA (The National Emergency Number Association) evaluates that 240 million 911 calls are made in America each year, with over 80 percent coming from smartphones and ot...
How 911 Started: Understanding The Origins of 911 and Making the Switch to NG911

Jun 03, 2022

What is An RTT Call with NG911? Understanding How Real-Time-Text for 911 Works

May 26, 2022

When receiving or making a call, you may have seen “RTT” or “T” on your phone’s screen. RTT is an acronym that stands for “Real-time-Text,” and is an essential capability feature made possible with...

A Look Into the NENA NG9-1-1 Project

May 17, 2022

Developments in technology and communications systems have created a growing need for more advanced and streamlined processes for citizens to access emergency servic...

Next Generation 911 Resources for 2022

May 12, 2022